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I need to eat better. Oh, I should try keto. Why am I not making progress? Ugh! I just need something easy! I think we have all thought these types of things right? We've all fought with weight or nutrition or activity levels. I know I have! It's a struggle we all face and I think the urgency only amps up during trying to conceive as well as during and after pregnancy. It's already such a time of stress and constant change, weight management and nutrition only seem to add one more thing to an already overflowing plate. Personally, I can remember cutting out all alcohol, limiting caffeine, upping my water intake, and overhauling my diet when we decided to try and conceive. This was after pouring through blog posts, reading books, and listening to every friend who would talk! It's a topic often asked during those early prenatal sessions with your care provider or doula. You can have so much information thrown at you that you almost feel more overwhelmed than you started! Well, I'd like to introduce you to an easy and science based option, Profile by Sanford.

Specifically, their amazing MOM Protocol! This program is designed for pregnant and nursing mother (even trying to conceive!) to address weight management, nutrition, and lifestyle from a behavioral perspective. I had the opportunity to visit with the gals at the brand new Katy location to discuss not just the MOM Protocol but their philosophy over all, and I have to say...I was fascinated! I've seen so many fad diets out there but nothing that's based on your very own DNA (what?? is this the year 3000?)! Here is a brief overview of what Profile does.

The coaches are top notch, so kind, and down to Earth! Not once did I hear anyone mention how they restrict a mama's diet or shame her for having ice cream (which they carry their own amazing brand of by the way! I'm getting to that!). The conversation stems around how to help each mama find the best way to balance their nutrition and weight management during and after pregnancy. Each mama being such an important part of that sentence! This isn't like some other services where you take a survey online and then get your "personalized" meal plan. It's so much more! As a member of the MOM Protocol, you'd get one on one coaching to educate and encourage the right lifestyle changes that might work for you. Where I educate and empower in the world of pregnancy and birth...these highly trained coaches do the same for nutrition!

When you opt in for the MOM Protocol, you have the option to utilize their Nurture Prenatal Shakes. These are perfect for the busy mom who wants a quick breakfast while rushing out the door but needs to know her nutrition is being covered 100%. However, these are also great for those gals who experience nausea or strong food aversions in those first few months! I remember having my care provider suggest Carnation Instant Breakfast during my pregnancy and really wishing I had a more well rounded option out there for my changing body. This would have been my answer! Their programs work to combine grocery store staples and mix in meal replacements to ensure not only adequate intake of nutrients but also calories. It is so vital to take care during pregnancy and breastfeeding to keep caloric intake up from what you normally would. This is not just for benefit of baby but also YOU! Energy, mental clarity, and sleep improve dramatically if your body gets the fuel to keep up with its needs. In addition to all of that, each member receives the MOM Journey Guide filled with tips, recipes, prompts, and exercise & lifestyle suggestions.

Profile by Sanford also offers a wide variety of grab and go snacks, bars, shakes, energy drink mixes (uh, yes please!), pasta, dressings, and so much more! Remember that ice cream I mentioned? It looked delish! Having options that are a no brainer during a time of so much change is so ideal! Even with just my current busy lifestyle, I saw many items that I took a mental tally to add to my want list. The ice cream for sure...I never want a large amount of sweets so this little cup is perfect. The energy drink mix, just all sorts of yes on that one! Low carb pasta, heck yes! It'd be perfect for a quick lunch. Here's a look at some of these awesome products.

I can't wait to learn more about this amazing and local company! Their location is so convenient near Barker Cypress and 10, the office is bright and airy, and the staff is inviting and informative. In fact, if you are in the area, you should head to their open house event on Feb. 21st from 5-7 pm for yummy food, mocktails, and to meet some of the amazing coaches they have onsite! I will be there and would love to meet some of you as well. Great things are on the horizon for this program, so go check it out and see how it will work for you!

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