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I haven't been a doula for very long, in fact, I spent the past 13 years in HR and Recruiting. I realize it may be risky to share this where potential clients may have doubt settle in, but it's important to me for you to see where I come from and my why. Almost 9 years ago, I went in for a routine check up with my OB at 37 weeks pregnant. My blood pressure was not where she wanted it to be for my 2nd appointment so she instructed me to go home and prepare to be induced that night. Long story short, after 30+ hours in labor and multiple interventions, my daughter was born via emergency cesarean and I was knocked out for the whole thing due to internal bleeding.

Now this is not at all how I had pictured things going, obviously, waking up 4-6 hours after my last memory in a dark room alone with just 1 nurse. It would be another 4 hours before I even got to see my daughter. After that experience, I began talking to other mothers, reading, studying, watching documentaries. The seed was planted but the timing wasn't right.

Now, the timing is right and the seed has blossomed into a lush garden. My dream is to help women, and their partners, understand all the options they have. To help them grasp the terms hospital staff may throw their way. To help them weigh the pros and cons of where and how they wish to bring their little one Earth side. I want to do this all and more with a kind and warm approach, so that their memories of those moments are sparkling with the enchantment that they so deserve.

I will be sharing more very soon, with everything from educational posts to fun birth stories. Stay tuned!

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