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Birth like a {M}otherboard

It's official! I am now offering evidence based, diverse, inclusive, trauma informed childbirth education! Let's rewind just a bit, shall we? I've longed to add this important piece to my services but it felt like a distant dream. Between the work already in front of me, motherhood, wife life, and just general responsibilities...how would I fit curating and creating a full course? Enter Motherboard Birth!

Darlings, I am SO excited to bring this beautiful childbirth education to life for each of you. SO.DANG.EXCITED. For now, this option will only be available virtually (#socialdistancing) but I hope to expand to private in home boot camps and group classes later this year.

Can we just all take a collective sigh at how gorgeous the artwork is? SIGH. This is only a snippet of what taking a class with me will bring. I want the experience to be not just informative but enjoyable, humor filled, warm, and empowering. Picture this friends...you and your spouse grab some take out or a warm cup of tea one evening. You settle down on your couch or in bed with your laptop perched between you, eager but relaxed. No need to be dressed up, no need for make up or real pants. With a Zoom call pulled up, we begin. I'm able to bring evidence based childbirth education and meet you where you are (physically, mentally, and emotionally)! I have hoped and prayed for a solution to what most of my clients have experience. Large group CBE classes, most at a hospital, with an overworked and tired nurse leading the way. It's bright and filled with fluorescent light, with uncomfortable seating, unappetizing snacks, and watered down information. Where was the excitement? The warmth and love? The individuality you rightly crave in understanding what you're body is going through and will go through soon?

After taking a virtual course with me, emboldened with knowledge, armed with printable hand outs...you can head on over to the parent app and research any topic we discussed even further. What a vision! Taking the power into your own capable hands and not only understanding the physiology of what birth is but being able to take it a step further into informed decision making. This is great coupled with a birth package but also brings so much value on it's own or paired with a birth planning session or partner coaching.

What's something you have longed to get out of childbirth education? Or hoped to learn from books but came up short? That's where I want to step in and take this course. Grow it into something that not only covers the basics but can be personalized to your needs.

What do you say? Can I meet you where you are in this season of life? I'd be honored and ecstatic to talk with you and bring your perfect childbirth education class to life.

Click the button to schedule some time with me and I'll be there, warm tea in hand, ready to make a small part of your day enchanted.

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